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The Property Systems & Training Team

We eat, sleep, and breathe property, and we’re excited to share our insights and systems with you, whether from high-value deals or simple buy-to-let’s. 

Our mission? To provide it all affordably

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Our Team

Meet our team of expert property people



Meet Oliver: An award-winning property developer with a proven track record. Armed with a first-class degree in Property Development, he has successfully executed diverse projects and delivered impactful training sessions to large audiences.​



Meet Paul: A seasoned property developer and distinguished award finalist. With a portfolio boasting a range of successful projects, Paul's expertise has earned him recognition as YPN's trusted Due Diligence expert, and his impactful work in the industry has been highlighted in various magazine articles.​



Meet James: Working from the bottom up in just a few years he went from working on small sites to managing multi-million pound properties, with aspirations to rise to the top, as seen on Homes Under The Hammer and multiple trusted newspapers.

Our Recognition

Multi Million Pound Developments

Highlighted by BBC and esteemed national magazines, our presence in the media underscores our widespread recognition and credibility.

Media Work

We have garnered recognition across numerous media platforms, showcasing our presence and impact in diverse networks.

Breaking Records On National TV

National Property Development Award Winners

We are proud to announce that we have achieved national recognition through prestigious awards, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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